Night Rating, Instrument Rating, High Performance Aircraft

MEP (land), SEP (land), Type PA-46 SET, Type BE90/99/100/200, Type iper PA31/42

Class Rating Instructor (CRI), Flight Instructor, Type Rating Instructor (TRI), Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC)

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Flight School certified ENAC – EASA

For more than 17 years, Aelia has been in charge of high-level aeronautical training, and the experience and expertise of our instructors will enable you to reach every goal.

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The Private Pilot certificate, is your first goal as a pilot. The PPL provides foundational knowledge and skills for all future aircraft pilot training.

The CPL(A) – Commercial Pilot License allows its holder to be a professional pilot and act as First Officer in commercial air transport. This will allow you to fly anywhere and is the first step of becoming a professional pilot!

The Integrated ATPL(A) is the fastest way of obtaining the license, which allows you to apply and work for an airline.

The Night Rating (NR) course will build on the skills you learned as part of your PPL and adapt them to use in the hours of darkness.

The Instrument Rating is a modular course to qualify pilots to fly under Instruments Flight Rules.

IR allows you to fly in any kind of weather, including low visibility weather conditions.
It is also one of the most useful ratings for private pilots, especially during long-distance flights

Course of additional theoretical knowledge for a class or type rating for high performance single-pilot aeroplane

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The passion, experience and professionalism of our staff ensure a high level of educational achievement.

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Simulator Diamond DA-42

Flight Simulator FNPT II

With the new simulator based on Diamond DA-42 will be possible to achieve part of the training

Class Rating MEP

Class Rating for Multi Engine Piston

Instrument Rating (IR)

The Instrument Rating is a modular course to qualify pilots to fly under Instruments Flight Rules.

Class Rating Instructor

On Multi Engine Piston

Base Training

For: PPL(A), CPL(A), ATLP(A) course

Our Fleet

Some of the aircraft used for aero school activities

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Our Team

The passion, experience and professionalism of our staff ensure a high level of educational achievement.

Mario Marinelli

Head of Training

Elio Rullo


Mariagrazia Franco


Francesco Baraccani

CAMO Post Holder

Patrick Fantuzzi

Safety Manager, CTKI

Christian Gamberini

Flight Instructor

Andrea Gatto

FI, TRI, TRE, KingAir

Simone Grandi

Technical Manager

Giorgio Micoli

Flight Instructor

Enrico Ramponi


Gianni Romani


Fabio Tanzi


Federico Verrini

FI, CPT Embraer

Max Zei


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Aeroporto Nicelli Become a Pilot in a most beautiful place
Certified flight simulator based on Diamond DA-42, with Garmin G1000 avionics.

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Certification list

ATO Certificate

Rev. 9

Issue: nov-2022

Head of Training CV


Mario Marinelli

FSTD Certificate


Diamond DA-42

Operating Base

Here are our operating bases

LIDU: Carpi

The starting point for your career as a pilot, an equipped and modern airport outside of commercial traffic, where you can learn the basics of flight.

LIPV: Venezia Lido

One of the most beautiful airports in the world, immersed in a unique context, within the lagoon of Venice. A charming place from which to easily reach the Alps or Northern Europe.

LIPE: Bologna

Inside a controlled airport, an optimal place to learn how to operate as a Commercial Pilot. A complete airport where you can learn instrumental procedures and techniques and night flying.