The Instrument Rating is a modular course to qualify pilots to fly under Instruments Flight Rules.

This course trains pilots to operate as Pilot in Command (PIC) on single-engine or multi-engine aircraft under Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC) and in accordance with Instrument Flight Rules. It is also one of the most useful ratings for private pilots, especially during long-distance flights.

It is a very hard training, which requires great precision, control and manoeuvrability of the aircraft. This type of rating will allow you to fly the aircraft at over 200 ft – even in low visibility conditions – using only your instruments.


  • Valid PPL or CPL License with Night Rating
  • Class 2 Medical Certificate 
  • 50 hours cross-country as PIC

Theoretical Knowledge

200 hours of classroom or distance learning instruction of the following subjects:

  • Air law
  • Aircraft general knowledge
  • Instrumentation
  • Human performance and limitation
  • Meteorology
  • Communications
  • Navigation and Radio Navigation
  • Flight planning and monitoring

Practical Training

50-55 hours (minimum) of flight training which comprises:

  • 40 flight hours can be made on a FNPT II
  • 15 flight hours with a Multi Engines Airplane
  • Or: 50 total flight hours on Single Engine Airplane


  • Cessna C172
  • Diamond DA-42
  • FNPT II Based on DA-42

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