Our training offer

Is it your dream to be a pilot? Find the most appropriate training course for you from our courses.

PPL(A) Course

The Private Pilot certificate, is your first goal as a pilot. The PPL provides foundational knowledge and skills for all future aircraft pilot training.

CPL(A) Course

The CPL(A) – Commercial Pilot License allows its holder to be a professional pilot and act as First Officer in commercial air transport.

ATPL(A) course

The Integrated ATPL(A) is the fastest way of obtaining the license, which allows you to apply and work for an airline.


The Night Rating (NR) course will build on the skills you learned as part of your PPL and adapt them to use in the hours of darkness.

Instrument Rating (IR) (A)

The Instrument Rating is a modular course to qualify pilots to fly under Instruments Flight Rules.

MEP Rating

Class Rating course for a Pilot in Command (PIC) on “Multi-Engine Piston” class (twin-engine piston) aircraft through our Class Rating MEP course.

Garmin G1000

The knowledge and practical use of EFIS avionics reduces the gap between classic training aircraft and modern aircraft.

High Performance Aircraft Course (HPA)

Course of additional theoretical knowledge for a class or type rating for high performance single-pilot aeroplane